In South Sudan, a father of a family did not hesitate to sell his daughter to the auction via Facebook, reports Slate. On October 25, it published an announcement on the social network to sell his daughter to the highest bidder. A week later, after receiving five proposals, of which several have been issued by members of the government, the young girl aged 16 or 17 years old was sold into marriage. According to an organisation for the defence of children’s rights, Plan International, the father of the family would have received, in exchange for his daughter 500 cows, three cars and $ 10,000.

A dot very high for the region

A dot that is of concern to the activists of the rights of children, since it is one of the most expensive ever paid in this region. Thus, they fear that other families are, in turn, their daughter for sale on Facebook to get such a sum of money.

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The ad has been removed by the social network two weeks after its publication, one week after the transaction has taken place. Facing criticism on this delay, a spokesman for Facebook said in a press release that they ” improve constantly the methods used to identify the content contrary to [the] regulation “. He also insisted on the fact that their moderation team had been expanded and that it understood today, nearly 20 000 people.

To George Otim, the director of Plan International South Sudan, quoted by Slate, ” the use of the barbaric technology is reminiscent of slave markets, of another time “. The association has asked the south sudanese government to investigate to identify the appropriate officials who would have made a bid to marry the young woman.

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