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The Fighting Addiction Channel is looking for raw and unfiltered Addiction Recovery stories for a new docuseries. “My goal is to present our viewers with the truth about addiction – the good, the bad and things you do not expect,” said Sarah Bates, producer of the new series.

The series will provide viewers with stories on addiction recovery from a first-person perspective. “People who are struggling are comforted by understanding the journey of others they can relate to,” Bates said.

“Hearing the right story could save their life.”

If someone has a Recovery story they would like to share, reach out to Sarah Bates and her team at http://tv.5dmedia.org/FightingAddiction

Earlier this month Roku announced the launch of the Fighting Addiction network. Since then, the channel has gained a growing following of daily viewers.

“We plan on adding new shows and docuseries every month.” Said Patrick Sullivan, Head of Programming at the network “The viewers may need help, so it is our responsibility to be there for them.

The new Roku Channel also serves as an educational resource for students or loved ones of anyone suffering with an addiction that may not fully understand.  “We have a show called ‘Addiction Recovery DIY,’ which focuses on helping anyone interested in self-help options, and another called, “Meet Erica “a first-person docuseries about a young mom and her life as an alcoholic,” said James Matthews, a Senior Producer at the Network. “They are very different but can provide insight into the core of what Addiction is, and how one can heal from its destruction.

The channel can be viewed at https://my.roku.com/add/AddictionRecovery or by searching for “Fighting Addiction” on any Roku device.  Connect with the team: http://instagram.com/AddictionRecoveryDIY  and http://Facebook.com/DrugRecovery .


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