In a lawsuit at the High court over the capital gains tax, for the Tax and customs administration that shares as an asset class but little risk,meldtHet Financieele Dagblad(FD) Wednesday

A spokesman for the treasury says the message of the FD not to be able to confirm, because the response of the Tax authorities is not publicly available. On december 12, is the written pleading of the Tax authorities in the public explained.

investment professionals are surprised in the article by the business daily. Thus, a beleggerstrainer of BinckBank that return and risk go hand in hand. “The AFM here would be critical of his, I expect,” he says.

It is going to be a case that the league of Taxpayers, a group of consumers, against the Tax administration has instituted. The taxpayers find that the capital gains tax is too high.

Return of 4 percent is not reached

In the case is specific to the tax assessment of 2014. The Tax office went there when that individuals a return of 4 percent on their power gained.

About 4 percent had the taxpayers 30 percent to pay taxes. In practice this means a levy of 1.2% on savings, investments and real estate. But according to the league of Taxpayers pick up investors that return of 4 percent not at all.

Meanwhile, a new system was introduced where the tax depends on the size of the ability. The taxman is now that people with greater capabilities, more efficiency gain.