With the beer’s the thing: It’s all about taste and Conviction. Thus, a Cologne-based star-colleague preaching for years that Kölsch is actually a real beer. You can’t sneer at, of course, only (if you come from Cologne). It is, perhaps, a liquid greeting from the kitchen, an Amuse-Bouche. But a beer in tiny little glasses it is served, you can not take it seriously. He looks different, of course – and wrinkling his nose about other regional preferences (Jever!).

the pollsters of YouGov was able to elect in cooperation with the Handelsblatt, which is now actually the most popular beer brand of the year, seems confusing. Finally, Germany is fragmented, with regional and striking disagreement, to taste how good beer has. As it goes, but when it comes to fire index of not only beer, but also to super markets and candy, were interviewed between September 2017 and August 2018, around 900,000 people to their preferences. The above-mentioned brands had to reach a prominence of at least 20 per cent in Germany. For the small micro Breweries, the survey was killer – they were out.

beer in a blind test Tastes really each of the Pils? This Experiment reveals’s

a Lot of beer drinkers swear by it, that you would recognize your favorite places also blind. But you can really taste the differences? The WDR has launched a great Experiment.

By Christoph Fröhlich Beck’s, Carlsberg, Holsten on rear seats

Who’s afraid of the but now that only the big brands from the multinationals, and the beer-give Rankingen, is also wrong. Because the clear number 1, the Rothaus landed Tannenzäpfle, behind Krombacher and Erdinger followed. Paulaner and Franziskaner made it into the Top 5. The “Zäpfle” was in the previous year and also in 2016 the front. The competitor field consisted of (in some cases) world-known brands of Beer: Beck’s, Berliner Kindl, Berliner Pilsner, Bitburger, brinkhoff’s No1, Carlsberg, Clausthal, Freiberg, hasseröder, Holsten, Jever, König Pilsener, Lübzer, Oettinger, Radeberger, schöfferhofer wheat, star castle, Stuttgarter Hofbräu, Ur-Krostitzer, Veltins and Warsteiner.

experts to make the Test Craft Beer from the great brewery – the taste?

The “Zäpfle” is brewed for over 60 years in the Baden state brewery Rothaus AG, which has been around for nearly 230 years. The makers of the beer, put on soft brewing water from the high black forest, and aroma hops from the Hallertau region.