The wave of e-cigarettes has captured the attention of medical experts around the world due to the dangers they bring. One of the worlds largest cigarette companies are announcing their idea to enter a new realm of electronic devices for smoking entering the U.S. This product is a new combustible “heat-not-burn” tobacco device.

The well-known company, Philip Morris International, has invented an electronic gadget known as the QOS Tobacco Heating System, which heats tobacco to a specific temperature, producing an aerosol that contains nicotine.

This device is different from the regular cigarettes, as well as an e-cigarette or vaping devices that use chemical liquids-that are not harmful when inhaled by a human.

This particular device is available already in 47 countries worldwide and is on the path to enter the U.S. market after clearing regulatory obstacles.

According to Philip Morris, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given him the green light to market the device in the United States, with strict regulations aimed at limiting the use of cigarettes among teens.

The company sees this as a breakthrough. However, the FDA ruling isn’t granting this as safe for your health product. Due to the recent marketing of the adverse side effects that come with using cigarettes, the number of smokers has been declining dramatically. Traditional cigarettes producers have grasped the statistics to start a new era of safe smoking.

“Of course, they have an interest in keeping people using tobacco, whatever sort,” noted Dr. Thomas Ylioja, tobacco cessation expert and clinical director of health initiatives at National Jewish Health in Colorado, told Healthline. “What we are seeing is the disruption of the tobacco control movement.”

Philip Morris promises that he will work with the FDA in maintaining the strict regulations of not marketing to minors.

“Available data, while limited, also indicate that few non-tobacco users would be likely to choose to start using the IQOS, including youth,” replied an FDA spokesperson.

The research being done on heat-not-burn tobacco devices is very minimal but more clinical trials are set to be conducted before the release or decision is made.

Though, one particular study published at the beginning this year suggested that devices such as the IQOS cause as much damage to your lungs as conventional cigarettes.

Although for many young users, the appeal of vaping comes with the judgment that it’s healthier than smoking.

Dr. Len Horovitz, an internist and pulmonary specialist in private practice in New York and at Weill Cornell Hospital, as well as a clinical instructor at Weill Cornell Medical College explained by saying, “For someone who’s quitting smoking, he or she may think it’s not a bad idea and that it’s at least better than smoking. However, the fact is that when those people go to vape, they’re getting more nicotine.”

“When you smoke a cigarette, you’re not smoking the entire cigarette. You rest between puffs and some of it, maybe a third of it burns down,” Horovitz added. “But every time you pull on a vaping device, you get the nicotine. The nicotine dose is usually higher in smokers who are trying to quit, so that keeps them addicted to nicotine.”

“We don’t stigmatize people. We congratulate everybody on wanting to make a quit attempt. We think quitting tobacco of all forms is the best thing that somebody can do for their health,” he concluded.