Schumi III against Schumi IV in the formula 1 – because it would go a dream of thousands of Fans in the performance.

The Cologne-based TV-station RTL, and on the Saturday (13 hours), and before the formula 1 Qualifying session in Abu Dhabi, the report “Schumacher – the next Generation”.

in it, Mick, David and Ralf Schumacher talk about their passion for racing, her dream of a common time in the formula 1 and of course Schumi. We can already publish the best statements.

Mick Schumacher about…

…his father Michael: “I have no Problem with comparisons to my dad. Because my dad is the Best, that’s why he is my Idol. Even other world Champions to compare with my Papa.“

…go-karting with dad: “The whole Rumgeschraube that we have made, in order to be fast, was also very much. We are even on days when the track in Kerpen was closed, got there and were allowed to make our rounds there. That was always the best time.“

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…to be his decision, racer: “And then asked me, dad, finally, what we want to do. Whether we want to do this professionally. Or whether we want to do this just for the fun of it. So on a Hobby level. Of course I have said very clearly: I want to do this professionally.“

…his Fans: “Not every 19-Year-old must something experience like I did in Hockenheim. I have never experienced anything like this, that so many people were there – and also because of me. That was unique. And then to win is still in the country, was very special.“

…on his first formula 3 victory in Schumis “living room” Spa: “Spa is the coolest track there is. This is a track that has history. To ride on the same Asphalt, that’s cool.“

…his self-confidence: “I have the potential, I believe in myself and the Team believes in me. This has given me the Motivation to work even harder. I have never stopped believing in the title.“

…Cousin David: “We get to see her very rarely, but when we see ourselves, it’s always funny. Then we can talk about the Sport because I know the formula 4 pretty well, am Yes, two years since. And if he has questions, I’m always available.“

David Schumacher on…

… the name of Schumacher: “I made myself actually more pressure to keep the name Schumacher above. It has the last year worked. And that me, my father supported so well, is just super. I would make him very happy very proud.“

…the beginnings in Kerpen: “dad put me as a four year old already into karting, because I cried, because it was so loud. I’m a couple of laps, and it has super a lot of fun.“

…their life together: “We are, so to speak, a men-WG. When I was a kid, he was away a lot, and that is why I now enjoy the time with him.“

…his formula-4 success: “The Rookie title was what I’ve been working from the beginning, and that I won it, makes me proud, too.”

…his formula 1 dream: “I’d like to reach my goal and it in the formula 1. As much as my father makes for me, it would also be not uncool for him, would definitely be nice.“

…be a role model: “role models are my father and Michael. But I don’t think of it now that I have to go the same path as my father. I’m doing my own thing.“

Ralf Schumacher…

…their life together: “We are, so to speak, a men’s budget, and actually, it is very harmonious in the home. We don’t argue really. In the last five years, with the beginning of the Karting, we have spent so much time together that nothing can replace. The has relatively a lot of fun.“

…David’s desire to be a racing driver: “Eventually, he came alone, had lots of fun and has challenged himself by me: Papa, when are we going karting? And I’ve been through this. And then I bioch yourself a bit of karting at that time. Since we were so much on the way to the race, and so has evolved piece by piece.“

…his influence: “for Me, it’s just a matter of if he needs my help, or tips, or it is not running, then I’m out of time right outside and take a look on it and due to my own experience, I see things that he sees and not do the other also.”

…the goal of formula 1: “An established formula 1 Team will naturally tend to take experienced drivers. The smaller Teams but can also learn, in part, the know-how, where by young drivers. But there are, of course, little places, and the closer you get to the formula 1, the thinner the air is, and you have to make the right decision, in order to create it is really there.“

…Schumacher against Schumacher back in formula 1: “it would be a wonderful dream, and if that goes for both in performance, would be the of course incredible, that would be mega. But only when it is as far as we thought.

This article was written by Oliver Reuter

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