That social networks are no no-go areas, has demonstrated the Augsburg district court with two Judgments. A pensioner and a 32-Year-old convicted of hate comments against refugees. The “Augsburger Allgemeine reported it”.

sedition and Propaganda

The 74-year-old pensioner has been charged in seven cases for sedition and due to a propaganda offence. The pensioners have election posters of the AfD and a newspaper article with comments on his Twitter profile. He is said to have refugees as a “dangerous conqueror“, “semi-wild“ and “third-class people“ titled – add to that his assertion that southerners would be more likely to kill. He also shared a photo showing the Hitler greeting. The Prosecutor’s office accused him in their charge, to have a hostile sentiment against refugees stoked.

in court, the pensioner is reported to have said in his defence that he lived in poverty and, therefore, no lawyer could afford. Asylum seekers, however, would swim in the money and get a lawyer. He had only used his right of expression, and thus facts, but no hatred spread.

As the pensioner was in law not Unknown, and sentenced to one year ago, a fine had been, was with the indulgence of the judge. The judge sentenced the pensioner to a term of imprisonment of five months on probation. He also set a money edition of 800 Euro.

refugees as “sub-humans” titled

In the second case, a 32, was sentenced-Year-old, because he referred to refugees on Facebook as “sub-humans”. The accused is said to have suffered in the time of depression and an anxiety syndrome, which is why he Go and avoided the light of day, and the great courses. As a result, he isolated himself so much that he had only through the Internet contact with the outside world. There, the 32-Year-old with news sites, which addressed the crime of refugees.

In the case of a group rape, he denounced the refugees as “sub-humans to carry a…comes back home”. At that time, he was probably under the influence of alcohol and is supposed to have smoked a blend of herbs. For the Statements of the 32-Year-old apologized and said that he was not a racist. The judge assessed the case as an isolated incident and imposed a fine of 900 euros.

source: BBC