the cabinet of the British prime minister Theresa May has mid-november after a marathonsessie behind the Brexit agreement of colleagues. What is there in the tentative deal?

The Irish grenskwestie

The chapter on the Irish border will be seen by many as the first read. The issue is months the most contentious point in the Brexit negotiations between the United Kingdom and the European Union.

If the UK leave the European Union, there namely a hard limit on the island of Ireland. After years of turmoil and violence, both parties will prevent this. To avert there are first of all made arrangements for the transition. This can, if both parties agree, be extended.

If the negotiators in the transition of the Irish border, the so-called ‘backstop’ in operation. Herein, it is agreed that the United Kingdom temporarily in a customs union with the EU. The customs union applies to all products, except those from the fisheries.

In the agreement is that the United Kingdom is not independent from the backstop. As long as they don’t, the government may of May not have independent trade agreements with other countries.

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The access of British banks to the European Union is also limited. In the terms of the agreement included that the authorities in Brussels the power to the access of British financial institutions to the European market to block.

This happens at the time that there is a so-called uneven playing field. Accordingly, it was agreed that the UK in the areas of competition, taxation, state aid, and labour and environmental standards the backstopperiode not of the EU may vary.

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For citizens of the European Union that is now in the United Kingdom to study, live or work, nothing changes.

This is also true for the British citizens within the European Union. The British can for the rest of their life in the EU continue to live and work.

May: ‘Brexit agreement in the interest of the country’ Fisheries

another point where long-term about squabbling, is that of the fisheries. Brussels wanted British fishermen only have access to the European market provide when European fishermen in British waters were allowed to fish.

A decision about this is postponed. According to the draft agreement, there are import duties calculated on British fish, until a final agreement is reached on the access to British waters.

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Furthermore, the agreements on the afscheidsrekening in the United Kingdom to the EU must pay laid down in the agreement. The Brits go ‘just’ to 2020 contribute financially to the European budget.

This is 39 billion pounds calculated, a small 45 billion euros. A part of this sum will be to the pensions of European civil servants. These payments can continue until 2064.

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