Alcohol or drug addiction among couples is dangerous and results in marriage issues. It is always distressing to see how the loved ones can self-destruct, including all the suffering they undergo concerning their environment.

A spouse may be anxious over a loved one’s wellbeing, and doubt whether they will ever get support. One may want to speak to the addicted spouse about their concerns and emotional states, but it seems there is never an appropriate time, or they are not attentive. If a partner fails to identify the nature of drug addiction, it is common to become angry, sad, and frustrated that the loved one won’t stop addiction. Others feel they will not even take a step to try quitting.

The only assurance a partner needs is the feelings are reasonable, and the loved one can still recover from addiction even if it is dangerous.

If a partner feels confused or stressed about the best action to take, finding help, there are always a few things to remember.

  1. Your Couple is Not the Cause Of Alcohol or Drug Addiction Issues

Couples need to realize that if their partner used to be violent some years ago or used to misbehave towards them, they are not the direct cause of drug addiction. Eventually, only the partner decided to turn into an addiction to solve his/her problems.

Several, factors are likely to cause drug and alcohol addictions which include:

  • Chronic pain and the use of prescription medications
  • Consistent use of illegal or highly addictive drugs
  • Family history of addiction mostly due to genetic predisposition
  • Mental health disorder where drugs help to cope with painful feelings
  • Peer pressure
  • Lack of family involvement or support
  • Early use of drugs which leads to progressive use

With all these causes, one’s partner is not likely the root cause of addiction. Many addicted couples usually try to make the other feel as if they are partly to blame. For instance, one may accuse the other of any stress they have. They may also get violent or angry if one tries to prevent them from using drugs.

Always remember, the only most comfortable way to solve drug addiction among couples is to seek and find help on how to address the above factors from a professional rehab.

  1. Approach your Loved One with Concern

Handle the addicted spouse with love and concern to convince them they can find successful help professionally. Even if you feel probably disappointed or angry with an addict, never approach them with blame or accusations.

Chances are, they already feel terrible about their life, so blaming or accusing them of their actions will only result in further frustration and depression.

If the main goal is for them to obtain professional drug addiction help, then handle them with love and concern. It is critical to do so while communicating that they will get the best treatment and support during recovery. Ensure the communication is polite and compassionate, especially when they become receptive.

Several professional drug addiction rehab services related to couples are available. Use our national rehab directory to get help for alcohol or drug addiction.