DEA Fentanyl

Image source DEA.GOV

Every day there is a new headline in the news about fentanyl and its effect on Americans. But why is this drug so popular? It’s simple. Fentanyl is cheap, it’s potent and it’s very easy to get. Alternatively, it’s also the reason why fatal overdose numbers are rising. In fact, in comparison to heroin, a small amount of fentanyl can kill. It has surpassed heroin, methamphetamines and cocaine as the deadliest drug in America. Fentanyl unlike heroin, which is derived from a plant, is made in a lab and the bulk of it comes from China.

Another reason Fentanyl is so popular is because it’s very profitable. It can be bought cheap but sold for more profit. Also since it’s a synthetic opioid made from heroin it’s fairly easy and cheap to make. The drug is most commonly found online within the black market and is usually sold in the streets as heroin. An overdose happens when a person buys what they believe is heroin and uses the drug and takes in too much Fentanyl, which is much more potent. A dose the size of a penny is enough to fatally overdose on.

American’s are more likely to die from an opioid overdose than a car crash which shows the drug problem that is impacting society. Recently an 11-year-old girl who died tested positive for fentanyl after staying at her great-uncle’s apartment. Raising more awareness about fentanyl and other opioids can help with drug prevention.