throughout France, Saturday 89.000 enforcers on the streets to prevent protests of the so-called ‘Yellow Shirts’ will result in violence. Also in neighboring Belgium and the Netherlands are demonstrations of discontent against the government are planned.

The French riot police has already collected around the Arc de Triomphe. (Photo: AFP)

a Lot of shops and restaurants continue to Saturday as a precaution closed and some storefronts are boarded up. (Photo: AFP)

“Yellow Shirts” group on the Champs-Élysées. (Photo: AFP)

Protesters in Paris as a precaution, searched. (Photo: AFP)

Riot police in assistance towards the rioters. (Photo: AFP)

The ‘Yellow Vests’ in the centre of the French capital. (Photo: AFP)

The demonstrators are protesting against the policies of the French president, Emmanuel Macron. (Photo: AFP)

It is the fourth weekend in a row that protests have been organized in France. (Photo: AFP)

A French protester is arrested by riot police. (Photo: AFP)

Also in Brussels ‘Yellow Bibs’ the street merged. (Photo: REUTERS)

In the Belgian capital, there are about fifty people arrested. (Photo: REUTERS)

The atmosphere in Paris in the afternoon grim. The police turn water cannons in. (Photo: REUTERS)

A French protester. (Photo: REUTERS)

It is especially restless in the side streets of the Champs-Élysées. (Photo: REUTERS)

French protesters clash with riot police. (Photo: REUTERS)